Foreign students visited Lviv Perinatal Center

     Iryna Zadoretska, a lecturer in Nursing in Pediatric, conducted a practical class for international students of a group II MCi-22 at the Lviv Regional Clinical Perinatal Center.

     The students had the opportunity to visit the delivery department and delivery room, an individual postpartum department, and a specialized consultative and diagnostic department with a women’s consultation.

    The foreign students got acquainted with the sanitary and hygienic regime of the perinatal center’s departments: postnatal care for newborns, anesthesiology and intensive care department for newborns, and medical rehabilitation department for preterm infants with extremely low weight. They saw the peculiarities of care, warming and feeding of preterm infants.

    The lecturer spoke about the operation of modern cuvettes used to maintain a constant body temperature of premature newborns and for phototherapy, and the students learned how to work with cuvettes that were not in use.

    They also got acquainted with the work of the #BreastmilkBank department.

    We express our special gratitude to the chief physician, director of the perinatal center Malachynska Maria for the opportunity to visit the center and to the pediatrician-neonatologist, assistant professor of the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology of the Postgraduate Education Malanchak Oksana for participating in the class.